Fang Zen Xian studied in China National Academy of Art. Upon graduation in 1953, he continues to further his study by attending Central Academy of Fine Arts. A year later, he was invited back to China National Academy of Art as a professor. In 1978, he was promoted to the rank of vice chairman of the Zhejiang Province Artists' Council. Still he continue to teach Chinese printing until he was transfer to Shanghai Chinese Painting Academy in 1983. He become vice president of the school the following year and was elected to the China National Artists' Council. In 1985, he became the executive director of the Shanghai Art Museum. He was elected to the rank of vice chairman in China national Artists' Council in 1993. He has since continued to teach Chinese Painting at Shanghai University and China National Academy of Art. Over the past thirty years, Fang Zen Xian has become international renown; his art works have exhibited all over the world. He has won many acclaims and awards. He currently is serving as chairman of Shanghai Artists' Council, President of Shanghai Art Museum.

方增先,1931年生。毕业于浙江美术学院,留校后为研究生。现为上海美术馆馆长、中国美术家协会常务理事、中国画艺术委员会副主任、上海中国画院一级美术师、上海大学讲席教授。作品有《粒粒皆辛苦》、《说红书》、《孔乙己》等。《母亲》曾获第七届全国美展银奖和齐白石艺术基金奖。出版有《方增先人物画集》、《方增先画集》。专著: 《怎样画水墨人物画》、《结构素描》、《人物画的造型问题》、《人物水墨写生教学笔记》等。

Fall Season 68cmx46cm
The Duck Admirer 68cmx45cm

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Waiting 68cmx68cm

Summer 34cmx34cm

Villager 68cmx68cm

Morning 68cmx68cm

Music From Within 68cmx68cm
The Poet Dong Buo 48cmx45cm
Fan Painting I Fan Painting II

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