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特别介绍: << 概括的·抽象的 , 丁乙个展 >>在上海民生美术馆举行
Special Introduction to "Ding Yi: Specific Abstracted " at Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum 
Opening: December 10th 2011, 17:00 
Duration: Dec.10 2011- Jan.29 2012, 10:00-21:00, Closed on Monday 
 Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum, No. 570, West Huaihai Rd., Bldg F, Shanghai 
Curator: Guo Xiaoyan 策展人: 郭晓彦

开幕: 2011年12月10日, 17:00 
2011年12月10日-2012年1月29日, 10:00-21:00, 周一闭馆
上海民生现代美术馆 , 上海市淮海西路570号F座 

Exhibition Hall - Photo Provided by Ding Yi Studio

Now the museum is presenting its audience with a grand retrospective of Shanghai-based artist Ding Yi, one of the leading abstract painters in China. It is undoubted that Ding’s practice has greatly enriched the development process of contemporary art in China. As a pioneer in the field of Chinese abstract painting, he enjoys great fame international ly. As a new case study the museum is going to present after Zhang Peili Retrospective in July this year, Specific & Abstracted –Ding Yi solo exhibition will feature 61 pieces of works created since 1986, among which 35 are paintings on canvas and 26 are works on paper. By focusing on his Appearance of Crosses series, the show not only provides a review of Ding Yi’s artistic exploration during the past two decades but also sheds light on his persistence and patience, which are two most precious qualities of his art.

Ding Yi devoted himself into the experiment of abstract art in a very early stage. Back in mid-80s he endeavored to get rid of narrative and headed to pursue his interest in abstract art. By making use of a variety of most commonly seen materials such as canvas, cardboard, charcoal, ball point pen, oil color, pastel and acrylic, he managed to create something extraordinary from the ordinary and gradually developed his unique painting style integrating both minimalism and maximalism. By piling on layer after layer of “+” motifs, it seems that he found a way to imbue his painting with a kind of urban illusion. During the past decade, Ding Yi has redefined his painting style in Shanghai, the post-modern metropolitan where he grew up. Dynamic changes of the city are vividly captured in his painting. Nevertheless, it breaks through the framework of traditional narrative and represents life in an abstract way. The overtone of the signs he uses touches upon the correlation between human beings and the universe. To keep a sober and independent mind within collective consciousness implies a kind of Zen-like ambience, which highlights exactly his attitude in art creation.

我们为上海艺术家丁乙呈现他各个阶段的优秀作品。无疑,丁乙的艺术实践让当代艺术在中国的呈现更为缤纷多彩,他是中国抽象派画家中的先驱者,在国际上享有广泛声誉。此次展览是美术馆继 2011 年 7 月张培力回顾展后又一重要个展,将展出艺术家 1986 年至今的 65 件作品,包括布上绘画作品 39 件,纸上作品 27 件,是 “ 十示 ” 系列绘画展的历史性展示。展览不仅是对丁乙艺术的阶段性回视,更是他二十余年如一日耐心和坚持的呈现 —— 这已经成为丁乙艺术中最宝贵因素之一。

丁乙是新时期以来较早投入抽象艺术实践的艺术家。 80 年代中期,他开始走出叙事,并很快义无反顾地走上了抽象艺术之路。丁乙擅用各种最常见的媒材,从画布到硬板纸,从碳条、圆珠笔,到普通油画颜料、油画棒、丙烯,从寻常中找到他的不寻常之路,逐渐形成和发展了一种集 “ 极简 ” 与 “ 极多 ” 为一体的独特画风。他用“十”字一层层地覆盖直到画面形式平衡、可确立不同透视与视觉,赋予了画面大都市视觉干扰的风景线。近十年,丁乙在上海这座后现代大都市中重新确立了自己的风格,作品反映了这个城市生机勃勃的变革,没有以历史文学叙述的形式构建画面,但以抽象的方式综合了生活中的符号与形态。丁乙的这些符号言外之意表达着宇宙秩序和人类秩序间的相互关系,而作为集体意识中个体独特的清醒姿态,如同书法所具有禅意的方式,反映了丁乙在他的艺术创作中的态度。

Photos and Articles Provided by Ding Yi Studio, Courtesy Ding Yi Studio 图文由丁乙工作室提供

Exhibition Hall - Photo Provided by Ding Yi Studio
Exhibition Hall - Photo Provided by Ding Yi Studio
Exhibition Hall - Photo Provided by Ding Yi Studio
. Exhibition Hall - Photo Provided by Ding Yi Studio
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Exhibition Hall - Photo Provided by Ding Yi Studio

Exhibition Hall - Photo Provided by Ding Yi Studio


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