Artists Residency Project
Art Education 艺术教育
Online Global Classroom 远程国际艺术课堂
素描, 油画, 水彩画, 水墨画, 混合材料绘画, 抽象绘画, 人工智能数字艺术, 电脑艺术设计, 影视制作及多媒体艺术创作
Drawing, Oil Painting, Watercolor, Ink Painting, Mixed-media Painting, Abstract Painting, AI and Digital Art, Computer Art, Video and Multi-media Art
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Prof. Gan Yu's Chinese Brush Painting Workshops and Classes on Campus
Workshops at The Art Students League of New York
Workshops at Ethan Cohen KuBe Art Center 2023
Workshops at Gettysburg College 2023
Workshops and Event Harvard University
Classes at CUNY, MSU and Islip Art Museum
Classes and Workshops at Many Other Art Institutions
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"Chinese brush art has been practiced for more than thousend years and the styles have changed significantly over time, forming rich and varied traditions. From cave painting to modern ink-art, everything brushed by the artist's hand becomes one of the mirrors of the artist's soul" - Gan Yu

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