Ink Painting from Life 水墨人体写生展
an online exhibition of 62 works (in alphabetic order)
Works by Gan Yu, 2017
capture the alluring moment of life

Gan Yu's 10-20 minutes brush painting from life, 2017

Gan Yu received his Ph.D. in Chinese Painting from China Academy of Art in Hangzhou, China and his M.A. in Studio Art from Minnesota State University in the USA. Dr. Gan Yu has conducted his workshops of Chinese Brush Art at various institutions including Harvard University Art Museum, The Art Students League of New York, The Dept of History of Art + Architecture, Harvard University, City University of New York, Minnesota State University, Shanghai University, The Islip Art Museum, Hammond Museum and Japanese Stroll Garden, Katonah Museum of Art, cet. Dr. Gan Yu has had solo exhibitions at University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh Art Gallery, Minnesota State University-Mankato Art Gallery, Yale China Association of Yale University and Hammond Museum and Japanese Stroll Garden. Dr. Gan Yu has also exhibited in groups at many museums and galleries, such as Ethan Cohen Fine Arts of New York, Asia Art Miami, The National Art Museum of China, Hong Kong Museum of Art, Shanghai Art Museum, China Academy of Art Museum, St. Johns University Art Gallery, Agora Gallery of New York and many others.




"Chinese brush art has been practiced for more than thousend years and the styles have changed significantly over time, forming rich and varied traditions. From cave painting to modern ink-art, everything brushed by the artist's hand becomes one of the mirrors of the artist's soul" - Dr. Gan Yu

"中国绘画艺术已有千余年实践的历史,其风格也随着时间的推移发生了巨大变化,形成了丰富多样的传统。从洞窟绘画到现代水墨,艺术家手中的每一笔都是自已灵魂的写照" -- 喻干


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