Heng Yu (born 1922)
Building on the tradition of the Wei and Jin Dynasties, and assimilating the essence of the masterpieces by distinguished calligraphers of the Tang and Song Dynasties, Mr. Yu has developed, after fifty odd years of practice, a unique style of his own marked with the elegance of elevated intelligentsia. His calligraphic works can be found as inscriptions or items in the collections at over 30 scenic spots and historical sites in China.
Mr. Yu excels in painting orchids, bamboo and landscapes. He orchestrates the unrestrained variation of lines in calligraphy into his vivid ink and color paintings of orchid and bamboo. Mr. Shen Shi-jia, a great contemporary master of traditional Chinese painting, has given very high appraisals of Mr. Yu's paintings of bamboo. As for his landscapes, Mr. Yu also has a style of his own which he has developed by assimilating the sublime and virile somberness found in the rich tones of the thick and dark patches and strokes in the paintings by Wang Bin-hong. Mr. Yu's paintings have been widely appreciated by connoisseurs for the perfect integration of verse, calligraphy and painting, which has been treasured throughout history in traditional Chinese painting. Among his publications there are over 30 essays on poetry, calligraphy and painting and a monograph entitled Jottings on Art and Literature.
He is a professor at Fudan University and holds the concurrent position of professor in the Department of Fine Arts at Shanghai Normal University. In addition, he is the director of the Academy of Painting and Calligraphy of Fudan University and a member of the Association of Calligrapher of China.

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